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At Office Signage, it is our priority to get your brand noticed. Our goal is to be our customer’s first choice for all their signage needs by focusing on delivering outstanding customer service and the highest quality products that stand out from the rest. From window graphics to trade-show displays, vehicle wraps to channel letters, we are here to solve any of your signage needs. We’d love to meet with you or talk to you to identify and clarify your vision. We will work within your budget, and produce your signs quickly. Contact us below or feel free to call us at 011 039 5743 | 073 625 5637 or email us at


Today our team of dedicated, customer-focused professionals use the latest sign making technology to ensure that every Saunders sign is manufactured to the highest possible industry standards.

The company’s innovative approach includes a signage software system which manages every project from initial estimate through design, production and installation, ensuring the highest possible level of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Office Signages’ large manufacturing base is located at Johannesburg, South Africa, just 10 minutes’ drive south of Hobart. The facility centralises every aspect of sign production, with an on-site graphic design department and significant digital print and fabrication capacity

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Lobby logo signs are a must have if you want to welcome your clients and add style to your space. The right sign will serve as the focal point of your reception area. In addition, you can boost brand and name recognition when you create a logo sign featuring your company’s name. The Office Signage Studio team will work with you to choose the perfect sign type and material combination for your new sign.

A few options to consider for your lobby sign:

  • Panel Signs – Logo panels can be crafted from acrylic, metal or sign foam. We offer our panels in geometric shapes, or we offer custom designs to match the shape of your logo.
  • Vinyl Graphics – Vinyl spot graphics are ideal for creating a fun, exciting look. These signs can be designed in nearly any size—large or small.
  • 3D Letters – PVC, sign foam, metal, and acrylic are all used to craft 3D letters. Spell out your company’s name or motto to build brand awareness—in three dimensions!


Your walls do not need to be barren and boring. Take Office Signage Studio’s graphic design expertise to create custom wall graphics or murals that will make your building truly one-of-a-kind. We can create graphics that put your name, logo and brand in the spotlight or design something that is fully focused on art and beauty.

Wall graphics are beneficial to many of our customers, including:

  • Corporate Offices – Wall graphics are an excellent way to provide style and substance to waiting areas or open offices. We can design a graphics package that makes promoting brand awareness a simple task.
  • Medical and Dental Facilities – In your waiting areas or individual rooms, it is important to convey a sense of peace and relaxation to your patients. We’ll work with you to design wall graphics that fit the needs of your practice.
  • Schools and Day Care Centers – When you are working with young people, you may need to go the extra mile to attract attention and create an environment focused on learning. Wall graphics are the easy way to do just that.
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Many of today’s offices and retail spaces utilize glass in numerous areas. While glass storefronts and walls are attractive, it can make it difficult to retain privacy in areas where it is needed. Luckily, it is possible to turn any window into a private area—without installing curtains or shades with etched or frosted window privacy film.

Consider these uses for window privacy film:

  • Meeting Rooms – Finding an area large enough to hold meetings is difficult. It can be even harder if you need the space to be private and closed off from others. Using our film is a great solution.
  • Glass or Plexi Cubical Offices – While cubical offices separate space, when the cubical is clear, it can be difficult for your employees to work when they feel like they are on display. Privacy film is a big help!
  • Storefronts – Depending on exactly what you have in mind for your retail space, you may not want the entire storefront to be crystal clear. We can help you obtain the privacy and good looks you desire.


Retractable banners are the ideal choice for your tradeshow display, and they can also make a great choice for other purposes too. Consider utilizing these for any interior sign where you want to be able to remove or adjust the sign with little effort or cost. Choose a bright, vibrant design or something subtle and sophisticated—the choice is yours.

Benefits of retractable banners:

  • Affordable – These signs are very reasonably priced, especially when compared to permanent fixtures. This means you can utilize numerous signs in different sizes and designs to meet your needs best. In addition, when it comes time to change your message, you won’t mind changing your signage.
  • Portable – The biggest benefit of these signs is the simple portability factor. Retract the sign and it takes up little space in storage or travel.
  • Customizable – Whether you want to include your company name, logo or other elements, you can make it happen. The design is completely customizable so you can create a look that is distinctly you.

Pull Up Banners

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When you rely on trade shows, conventions, and other events to meet customers and network with other company owners, you need a display that will attract attention as well as remain durable during set-up and take down. Our displays give you many sign options, and we allow you to customize the display with your company name, logo and other information.

Some of our trade show sign options include:

  • Tabletop Displays – A tabletop display puts information at eye-level and also allows for you to access the content easily. Displays can be simple or quite complex, depending on exactly what you hope to accomplish.
  • Tents – When you are working outside at an event, a branded tent is a great investment. Not only will you be protected from sun and rain, but you will have a large marketing element that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Retractable Banners – Retractable banners are the gold standard in trade show signage. These are easy to set up and take down, giving you the time you need to network.


Drawing attention to your trade show booth OR your parking lot, storefront or another space is much easier when you invest in high-end flags and banners. Create these with bold, eye-catching colors and utilize your company logo and name so that you are building brand awareness even as you draw in traffic.

A few of the flags and banners we offer include:

  • Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners are affordable and perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Our mesh banners are excellent for use in windy areas, since the wind blows through the banner.
  • Canvas or Cloth Banners – For indoor use, a canvas or cloth banner can provide a high-end look. These banners require a bit more care to keep them looking good, but when care is given, they can serve you for years to come.
  • Flags – Adding flags to your parking area or entrance when you have a sale or large promotion is an excellent way to draw attention to your business and show customers where to go.

Wall Banners

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A wrapped vehicle is one of the most affordable ways to get your company’s name, logo and contact information displayed to a huge number of consumers. Imagine how many eyes will see your message when your vehicle is driven on a busy highway or even parked in a commercial area. These vehicle wraps wraps are bold and attractive as well as being more affordable than you might imagine.

Options for vehicle wraps include:

  • Full Vehicle Wraps – Wrapping the full vehicle is a simple way to create a one-of-a-kind mobile ad for your business. These are very eye catching and sure to attract attention.
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps – A partial vehicle wrap is a more affordable wrap style. These take advantage of the base color of the car and use this as part of the design—meaning less of the car is physically wrapped.
  • Color Change Wraps – These wraps change the color of all or part of your vehicle. This can be a good choice if you have distinct colors as part of your company logo or brand.


A wrap is not the only way to use your vehicle as an advertising medium. Adding vehicle decals / vinyl lettering are also great options. This can be a good choice for fleet vehicles where it may be cost prohibitive to wrap the entire vehicle. In addition, it is easy to add and remove these elements in the future.

Common uses for vehicle decals / vinyl lettering include:

  • Small Business – For a small business, getting the company name out there is important, but also vital is creating a professional look on the vehicle. Carefully chosen lettering can do just that.
  • Taxi or Rideshare Services – Make your taxi or rideshare vehicle professional and attractive with the use of decals and lettering. Riders will trust your service and you may build a referral network by providing contact information.
  • Network Marketing and Independent Sales – Working for a network marketing program means that it is always important to connect with new customers and sellers. Using decals and vinyl on a car or truck is a great 

Car Decals

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Even if your sign is well-crafted and cared for, there may come a time you need to take advantage of our signage repair / restoration services. We complete simple repair jobs and full-fledged restoration on signs that we originally installed as well as those we did not. Contact us for more information about our repair and restoration services.

Some of the signage repair / restoration services we offer include:

  • Monument Signs – A monument sign is often the premier way that you draw customers into your store or other business. However, if it is outdated and damaged, it won’t attract anyone. We offer repair and restoration that will make it look good as new.
  • Sandblasted and Carved Signs – These signs are built for beauty. However, years of wear can turn a sandblasted sign into a mess. Allow us to restore your sign to its like-new beauty.
  • LED Signs – While LED signs seldom need bulbs replaced, there may come a time that you need to upgrade the message or fix it due to wind or hail. We are LED experts.


Office Signage offers detailed signage audits to give you a snapshot of the signs you have and the condition they are in. We can provide a photographic and written catalogue of the location, number, size, type and physical condition of your existing signs-vital information for ensuring well-maintained signs, or if you are considering a branding change.


A signage survey captures the exact measurements of specific signs, ensuring that the manufactured product matches your specific site requirements. Our surveys cover such things as building cladding, sign location, potential site hazards and local regulatory requirements.


Originally, all signs were hand crafted using traditional signwriting methods passed down from generation to generation. Now, true signwriting jobs, using fine paint and airbrush methods, are a rarity due to the speed and efficiency of grand format digital printers. However, traditional signwriting is still the best method for certain applications and one that we are proud to offer you. From the largest billboard, to a cheap and cheerful window splash, to gold leaf lettering—Office Signage has it covered.


In some instances, new signage requires council or other permits before it can be legally installed.

Office Signage can assist you with the preparation of documents and drawings in support of your permit application, including provision of structural engineer’s certificates, underground services location, Billboards and Shopping Centre permits.

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