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Let us take care of your non-working sign by doing Austin Illuminated Sign Service. Contact us today to get started!

Office Signage Service has been the most common kind of Austin Illuminated Signage in Texas. Most of these Austin Illuminated signs are lit with LED Lighting.
Do you have an old Sign that is partially working or not working at all? If so, don’t deal with that old neon sign anymore!. Austin Sign Builders specializes in switching neon signs to LED (Light Emitting Diode). Believe me, you will never regret the move since you will save money on your electricity bill and save money in avoiding all those frustrating neon fixes.
Office Signage Builders provides installation/removal, maintenance, and repair for almost any kind of Illuminated sign. Whether you only need the installation or whether you need us to fabricate your sign, we’re here to help you out on any of your illuminated sign needs.
Having LED lights in your Illuminated Sign instead of neon lighting is the best way to go, for LED lighting does not need to much maintenance. If you happen to need some maintenance for your LED Sign, you will save money because the costs are way lower than neon maintenance
Office Signage Sign Builders will work with you and have your sign switched to LED lighting to have a more durable lit sign, no more hassles, no expensive maintenance costs. You will save money over time!
The reasons why you should perform the conversion of your existing neon signs to LED lighting are the following:
1. Energy Savings: When doing the neon sign to LED lighting conversion, you will save around 75% of the electricity consumption.
2. Safety: Having LEDs in your signs require 12-volt power only compared to neon, which requires as much as 15,000 volts. That much voltage is much more prone to fire hazards.
3. Brightness in cold weather: LEDs is more weather friendly. It handles pretty good either cold or heat. Neon lighting doesn’t do very well since the mercury on neon signs make the brightness to drop dramatically when in temperatures below 35 degrees.
4. Lower costs: Getting LED lighting will save you money on electricity consumption, ease of installation, and maintenance costs.
5. Environmental considerations: I order for neon lighting to work, neon sign require mercury/argon which are dangerous to the environment. LEDs are way more environment-friendly.
6. Durability: LED signs are extremely durable and are able to resist the weather and vibration from the outside environment.
How much does it cost to change a neon sign to LED lighting? The cost to go from neon to LED light modules depends on the size of the sign to perform the job on. Usually, the price runs about a few hundred dollars. The job to be performed consists of removing all sign faces to access the neon tubing, remove the neon tubing and old wiring, remove existing neon transformers, clean the letters before inserting the new LED lighting modules, insert new LEDs, run new wires across all letters, install new power supplies, and properly hook them up to the main power.
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